5 Reasons Stranger Things 2 Is Better Than 1

On October 27, 2017, Stranger Things 2 released on Netflix and for a moment the world lost it’s craziness again. In fact, according to Nielsen 361,000 people watched all nine episodes of the season the very first day that it became available. But what about this season has captivated audiences even harder than before? Here I list my top 5 reasons why this season of Stranger Things is the actual best.

5. Sean Astin – This actor has appeared in so many important pieces of the film such as The Lord Of The Rings trilogy and The Goonies that its no surprise that he really comes out as one of the best new characters introduced this season. He appears as Bob, Joyce Byers new boyfriend who runs the local RadioShack. What is so endearing about this character is that the writers chose not to follow the traditional archetype of the horrible abusive boyfriend of the characters mother, and instead plays a thoughtful, nerdy and caring man who the whole family embraces.

4. Mad Max – Another new character to the Stranger Things universe, “Mad” Max is the new girl at Hawkins Middle with a sorted past. Stranger Things, just like with Eleven’s character, embraces created strong-willed and tough young female characters. Her character sees an arc that really leaves the audience satisfied while making it believable at the same time.

3. Eleven & Hooper’s Relationship – At the end of season 1, the audience was tipped off that Hooper was leaving food in the woods for Eleven. When we return back to Eleven, we discover that Hooper has been caring for her, and even allowing her to live with him. Though the relationship is strained often due to his overprotective nature, they display a true affection for each other, and the dynamic that is shared between the two actors is adorable.

2. Eleven’s Backstory & Family – Season 1 left you wondering a whole lot about Eleven, and almost not allowing you to connect to her so much as a human character, and more as an alien or supernatural creature. However this time we are given a lot of Eleven (or Jane as we discover) information that sheds her character in a more humane light, and we even get to meet several of her family members, helping to explain what has happened to her, and what she can develop into.

1. Steve Harrington – Steve Mother Freaking Harrington. From the trailers, we all knew that Steve had gone from Nancy’s sort of sweet sort of douchey boyfriend to someone totally bad to the bone. But it isn’t until you watch the whole season that you get a totally new look at Steve. He comes to the rescue and aids the boys in the mists of all the chaos that is unleashed in Hawkins and becomes their self-proclaimed babysitter. He is tough and sweet all at the same time, causing you to fall in love with him, and that dreamy head of hair. Swoon.